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New York Spousal Maintenance 2019


Spousal Maintenance Changes in 2019. No longer tax deductible to the Payor Spouse nor tax includible to the recipient. As part of our Spousal Maintenance calculation, we tax impact the Spousal Maintenance amount. This can either be done by the parties’ accountant or a forensic accountant.

The Duration of Spousal Maintenance follows an advisory schedule:

Length of Marriage                                                                Duration of Maintenance                  Up to and including 15 years                                            15% to 30% of length of marriage      More than 15 years up to and including 20 years        30% to 40% of length of marriage      More than 20 years                                                             35% to 50% of length of marriage

The Courts do make changes to the advisory schedule where the resulting duration is unjust and inappropriate.


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